kan studio about us

Minimal routines for the busy mom

Kàn Studio was founded on the principles found in Tradtional Chinese Medicine (TCM). At its core, TCM philosophies stem from simultaneously caring for our mental, physical, and spiritual state slowly and holistically. It’s not necessarily about how powerful a product is, but how accessible and usable a product is. While we are not TCM experts, we instill these principles in our daily routines by creating products that serve as a reminder of what my body is here to do, that my mind belongs to me, and to be patient with the results. 

Mental health and specifically stress is a large focus at Kàn Studio. We believe daily stressors (internally and externally) can be managed by embracing a slower more thoughtful lifestyle rather than seeking instant gratification.

In many Asian cultures, mental health is not a priority and is often a taboo topic. However, discussing mental health is one of the first steps to destigmatizing it within the community. We hope our products can be used as a mental health conversation starter among families. A portion of our sales will be donated to Asian Mental Health Collective committed to building a community for Asian mental health support.

Lastly, we believe in the power of patience, consistency, and approachable luxury. Our products may not provide instant results because our ingredients work with your body rather than aggressively pushing it. All our products work to tackle problems on the physical level and the cellular level. We want you to feel good using our products and actually incorporate them in your routine. That is why all our products do the work of multiple products making your skincare routine the most effortless part of your day. 

With love,
Carmen, CEO + Founder Kàn Studio