• Recycle

    We chose glass for our products because glass can be recycled infinitely.


    Unsure if your local recycling pick-up actually recycles properly? Want to know more about recycling glass? Here are a list of verified recycling companies:

    -Glass Recycling Coalition

    -Earth 911

    -Glass Recycling Foundation

  • Reuse

    Reimagine the use of your bottle.


    Here are ways we’ve found to repurpose our bottles:

    -Refill bottle with other skincare products for easy travel storage

    -Refill bottle with household cleaning products such as dish soap

    -Replace the pump with a mist-style pump.

    -Refill the bottle with your favorite room fragrance for an instant pick me up anytime

    -Repurpose the bottle as a small vase and fill it with beautiful flowers for your desk

    -Add diffuser sticks and refill the bottle with your favorite room scent

  • Reduce

    We only use necessary materials reducing any added weight.


    Glass can be recycled over and over again without loss in quality, therefore, reducing emissions, saving natural resources, and saving energy.

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soft cashmere face serum

Wash bottle with warm soapy water. Soak bottle with acetone to easily remove the labels. Discard the pump. Place the bottle, cap, and outerbox box in the recycle bin.