Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is about understanding the imbalance within our internal systems that can manifest itself in the physical symptoms we see. It is about creating a relationship between the external elements with our body. Through the principles found in TCM we have a better understanding of the skin-environment-stress-body relationship. 

Stress is tied to many physical ailments that we see especially on the skin and has become a large focus at Kan Studio. We believe daily stress (internally and externally) can be managed by embracing a slower more thoughtful lifestyle rather than seeking instant gratification.

In typical Asian culture, mental health is not a priority and is often a taboo topic. However, discussing mental health is one of the first steps to destigmatizing it within the community. We hope our products can be used as a mental health conversation starter among families. A portion of our sales will be donated to Asian Mental Health Collective committed to building a community for Asian mental health support.